May 2017  
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Meet the Leadership

Rev. Dr. Pett Allen, Sr.

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Assistant Pastor

Elder Gary J. Payton, Sr.

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Minister of Music

Min. Joseph N. Taylor

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Min. Joseph N. Taylor has served as the Minister of Music of St. James Free Baptist Church since February 2007.  Having been raised in the church and skillfully using his musical gifts on the piano and organ throughout the city of Baltimore, Min. Taylor realizes the desperate need for quality music with a dynamic and spiritual message so that the people of God can participate with quality praise and with quality worship.  Min. Taylor's purposes, in conjunction with the Music Ministry, are to provide music and musical skill that is used to compliment the Word of God, to praise our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, and to spread the Good News to others in an artistic way.


In the early years of Min. Taylor's life, he allowed Jesus Christ to come into his heart and to accept Him as his own personal Savior.  It would be years later that he recognized that God was giving him a desire to be gifted in music and musical training to send forth God's praises. As a young and devoted member of Berea Lutheran Church (Baltimore, Maryland), Min. Taylor felt a strong desire to learn music.  Because of his persistent desire for knowledge of music, the Minister of Music of Berea, Mr. David Jerome Davenport, skillfully taught Min. Taylor the basic functions of the piano and organ, along with some basic music theory.  It was because of the blessings of God and the blessings of Davenport's instruction that Min. Taylor was able to become Davenport's successor when he moved from Berea.  Thus in 1997 with the power and anointing of God, Min. Taylor became the Organist and Choir Director of Berea Lutheran Church.  Min. Taylor continued his theoretic education in music with weekly lessons with Loretta W. Hall, skill pianist, organist, and opera singer who graduated from Temple University.


After five (5) years of faithful service, Min. Taylor believed the work God had called him to do at Berea was completed. It was during that time that God led him to Elder Gary J. Payton, Sr. at the New Covenant Evangelistic Outreach Church, a church where Min. Taylor could begin to freely execute his God-given purposes once more.  Frequently, he played at New Covenant's Sunday evening services, mid-week services, and special events.  In March 2002, Min. Joseph N. Taylor became a member of the New Covenant Evangelistic Outreach Church and the Head of the Music Department.  With the unanimous consent of the church, Min. Taylor was installed into the office of the Minister of Music on June 1, 2003.  God has blessed him in his leadership, teaching and instruction with the “Anointed Voices of Praise” and the New Covenant Youth Choir.  Since the coming together of New Covenant and St. James and after five (5) years of service at New Covenant, Min. Taylor has continued his leadership and praise as the Minister of Music of St. James Free Baptist Church under the leadership of his grandfather and Pastor, Rev. Dr. Pett Allen, Sr.  He teaches and directs the “Anointed Voices of Praise,” the Anointed Voices of Praise” Mass Choir, the “Inspirational Choir,” and the “Youth Untouchable” Youth Choir.


Min. Taylor graduated from Baltimore Polytechnic Institute (Baltimore, Maryland) in 2003, where he studied music, along with college preparatory curriculum and served in the Concert Band for four (4) years under the direction of Ms. Trudy Benton.  Min. Taylor is currently a senior at Morgan State University where he is pursuing a Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering.  In addition, Min. Taylor serves as a leader in the Tape and Media Ministries.  His dedication to spiritual excellence and integrity has gained him the strongest momentum and the highest regard.  The Lord has richly blessed his efforts and used him to touch the lives of others through music and the Word of God.  Min. Joseph N. Taylor has seriously taken the call to use his talents for the Lord. His ministry at the St. James Free Baptist Church is encouraging, inspirational and uplifting.  The call God has placed on Min. Taylor's life is real and sincere.

Associate Minister

Min. Pett Allen, Jr.

Chairman, Board of Deacons

Dea. Jesse Mooring

Church Administrator

Sis. Christine Payton

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